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softail wide tire kit

SWT-1 & SWT-2
softail wide tire kit

Alloy Art has designed the kit, so you can put a
180 tire, 5.5" rim, and 8.5" fender on with a stock
swing arm and stock belt on all H-D softail frames
(86 to 99 require a belt conversion).
Alloy Art's
Wide Tire Kit (WTK) is a two-piece billet aluminum
strut for softail frames. Available with long and
short arms to match whatever fender you want
to run. Short for the chopped look, long for the
traditional style.
Both versions come with our
injection molded lens' with our High output LED's
which have 70º visual range, until now the best
LED's available for bikes only have a 16º visual
range. If you do run a load equalizer kit you can
achieve all three functions running, brake, and
flashers. The lights have a three-year warranty.


long chrome plated SWT-1 $699.95
short chrome plated SWT-2 $699.95


To order call Alloy Art 626-963-5021 or check out dealer info for a dealer near you.
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