The Iggy-Nut


The Iggy-Nut


The Iggy-Nut (Ignition Nut)

The "Iggy Nut" solves a problem that has plagued the motorcycle industry for years.  Many replacement 3 wire ignition switches come with a chrome "locking" ring that hold the keyed switch into place, but are impossible to tighten with a trusty set of Channel-Lock© pliers!  Problem solved!  Using either a 15/16",  (or 24mm), wrench or socket, the trusty Iggy Nut will lock down that ignition switch for good!

  • CNC-machined stainless steel or brass construction

  • Proudly made in the USA!

Our Iggy-Nut is a direct fit for the following:

Drag Specialties© Part #'s

  • DS-272112;  DS-272113; DS-272114

Custom Chrome© Part #'s

  • 12251; 12286; 49211; 49212

  Lowbrow© Part #

  • 000342




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