**Due to a manufacturer shortage. our MCL will temporarily come with stainless button head bolts, NOT the ARP bolts**

Tips & Tricks

Strut Light Installation 

Note: Some models may experience brake light issue with amber LED lighting up as a brake light instead of red LED. To fix this issue you will have to take it to your local Harley-Davidson Dealership to have them hook it up to their Digital Technician and readjust brake function as noted. It will need to be programmed as a dedicated brake light and set up in body control module as dedicated brake light.

Here are a few quick and easy tricks for a strut light install
  • Keep wires from getting pinched by drilling a small hole through the fender at the end of strut
  • Make sure the strut light covers the hole in the fender
  • Run the wires through the hole and route them wherever needed
For all of you visual learners, here are a few pictures to give you a better idea:
Notice the small hole we drilled in the fender at the rear end of the strut.
Before drilling, make sure the strut light covers the hole.
Here is the strut light assembly covering the hole we drilled in the fender for the wires.
Now the wires are hidden and will not be pinched 

Wiring instructions for

Low Rider & Low Rider S Models

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